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If you currently own or operate a web directory, webmaster tools website, SEO website, directory submission service, or internet marketing website, then we think your website may be a great mutual beneficial fit for reselling our software.

By placing an affiliate link (ClickBank Hoplink) to us, you can easily earn more money by being our affiliate!

We offer a generous 55% commission on
each and every purchase through your affiliate link!

Why should you resell Directory Dominator?

  • Great Conversion - We have seen a great conversion rate thus far and are excited for what the future may hold!
  • Security - By promoting Directory Dominator, you won't lose sales to other ClickBank thieves! Our scripts will redirect and hide your affiliate details while at the same time it places a cookie on the visitor's computer to ensure you get credit. This cuts down on commission hijacking by hiding the fact you are promoting our website through ClickBank's hoplinks. Go ahead, try it. Replace the AFFILIATE in the hoplinks (http://hop.clickbank.net/?AFFILIATE.dirdom) or (http://AFFILIATE.dirdom.hop.clickbank.net) with your ClickBank username, copy/paste it into your browser, and then go through the order process. You will see that it still shows [affiliate="yourid"] on the order page!
  • High Demand - Directory Dominator is an easy-to-use website promotion software application that users find to be a valuable time saving tool in promoting their website to rapid indexing directories. Because people are looking for quick marketing tactics on the internet today, this is a great product to promote! Besides, who couldn't use extra one way links to their website?
  • Low Price - Our easy-to-use directory inclusion software is priced below market standards according to Pricing Strategy Research Comparison Reports. High quality product with a lower price point makes an attractive buy for the consumers! Besides, everyone is always looking to save money!
  • Customer Service - We handle all customer question inquiries and support requests. Our response time on average is around 2-6 hours, depending upon the issue. Customers can request support through our easy email form located on our website for easy contact.
  • Research - We continue to research and collect quality directories by updating resources and researching for more directories on a weekly basis. Directories can also be submitted to us for review.
  • Generous Payout - We are proud to offer $33.53 per sale! We invite you to look for other directory submitting software sites. No other website offers a more generous payout rate with such a low price point.
  • Great Product - Directory Dominator is a robust software application built from C++ guaranteed to save you time when submitting your website.
Here are some details about getting started:

ClickBank handles our affiliate program. ClickBank sends out checks twice a month, with minimum sales of $10. That means you could be getting checks from ClickBank every two weeks just by using your affiliate link and linking to Directory Dominator Software!

If you don't have a ClickBank username, click here to sign up first.

To refer a customer to our software, the customer needs to pass through the following link: http://AFFILIATE.dirdom.hop.clickbank.net

To make it work, replace AFFILIATE with your ClickBank affiliate nickname.

If you have any questions or would like some help getting started, feel free to contact us.

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